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Not only can surveillance cameras deter criminals and help law enforcement quickly catch any would-be thieves, but these systems can also improve accountability among your employees, help you monitor productivity and potentially reduce your insurance premiums.

Our systems also help farmers and ranchers. Instead of going out in the weather during calving season to check animals, you can simply pull up your cameras on your tablet, phone, or PC from the comfort of your home. And, you can monitor your grain storage facilities.

The Nerds also offer a host of networking solutions to simplify your life. From connecting multiple locations to extending Wi-Fi coverage, we can handle it.


  • Recommend, configure and install video surveillance systems

  • Control and record from multiple cameras on a network video recorder

  • Monitor and control through web page or app

Applications include

  • Business surveillance and recording

  • Home surveillance and recording

  • Farm and ranch surveillance and recording

  • Monitor grain storage, livestock, fuel tanks, etc.

Recording Options

  • Constant recording

  • Record on motion

  • Scheduled recording

Motion Detection

  • Daytime motion detection up to 100 feet

  • Nighttime motion detection up to 40 feet

  • Nighttime illumination using infrared

Camera Options

  • Weatherproof dome (outdoor or indoor)

    • Wide field of vision​

  • Weatherproof bullet (outdoor or indoor)​

    • Long field of vision​

  • License plate recognition cameras​

  • Vandal-proof cameras

  • All cameras are remotely powered

Optional Support and Services

  • Monthly server and software updates

  • Annual cleaning and adjusting

  • Monthly check of disk usage

  • Adjust motion zones and motion sensitivity


  • Extend home network to new locations including:

    • Adding data jacks at a location​

    • Extending Wi-Fi coverage at a location

    • Connecting multiple locations

    • Extending network to outbuildings

    • Extend network to support outdoor video cameras

​Point-to-Point Wireless Links

  • Connect outbuilding to existing network

  • Connect remote camera locations to existing network

  • Extend Wi-Fi coverage to outbuildings


Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Links

  • Connect several outbuildings to the existing network

  • Connect multiple remote cameras to the existing network

  • Extend Wi-Fi coverage to the entire farm or business

Wi-Fi Extenders

  • Extend Wi-Fi to dead zones in homes or businesses

  • Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points are available

Data Cabling

  • Add data jacks to new computer locations

  • Structured cabling for business data needs

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