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Managed services at Turnkey Nerds are designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate computer and internal network problems in your business while maximizing performance and stability without the expense of a full-time IT staff. With the tools available, we can remotely identify, monitor, and resolve large system-wide issues and address specific workstation problems at a glance.  Other computer consultants may profit from the failures in your IT environment, our purpose is to prevent problems from escalating into unexpected downtime.  We can even provide self-help automation to fix common issues in your environment, providing the ability for the end user to fix their issues without even making a service call or ticket. We cannot succeed unless we help your IT environment succeed as well.


 With our services each workstation, network and server receive complimentary support time every month for up to 16 hours total.  We will strive to respond to support tickets same day or at a maximum of 24 hours.  At the start of the subscription, a free network audit will produce a map of all connected equipment and provide IP address documentation, Wi-Fi coverage mapping and recommendations, individual workstations, and server health reports.  Monthly ongoing tasks include endpoint antivirus and antimalware protection, patch management, and Domain name management.  Anything under our services is fully supported, all the way down to the hardware itself.  For things like internet connectivity issues resolved only by the provider, we will also communicate with them on your behalf. 


Beyond our subscription offering, we can provide services such as network bandwidth monitoring, firewall and router upgrades, wireless optimization, network cabling, battery backups, new desktops, laptops, servers, virtualization hosts, video conferencing setups, video surveillance, and network video recorders, conference room projectors and multi-site interconnections.  

Turnkey has been providing managed services for several companies in northeastern Nebraska for several years through Turnkey Telecom Solutions.  Our experience in the IT industry spans 10 plus years and ranges from the enterprise to the service provider level.  We see the need for a local, reliable IT source in our community. When you get support with Turnkey Nerds you have more than support, you have a partner that you can count on. 


One- and three-year contracts are available. Final pricing depends on your needs.

  • Network Support

    • $150/month/physical network (one-year contract)

    • $125/month/physical network (three-year contract)

  • PC Support

    • $35/month/workstation or laptop with Microsoft 365 Business Standard

    • $30/month/workstation or laptop with no additional licensing

  • Server Support

    • $150/month/VM, host, or bare metal server​

  • Servers

    • $70.00 (one-year contract)

    • $60.00 (three-year contract)

  • Veeam Cloud Backup 

    • $15.00/PC

Discounts are available for non-profits.

Hourly rates beyond monthly complimentary time will be billed at $100/hour in ½-hour increments during business hours, Monday-Friday, for onsite work, and $70/hour in ½-hour increments for remote work. After-hours and weekend time will be billed at $150/hour in one-hour increments for both onsite and remote work.


Turnkey Workstations are custom built for your environment and typically start around $650.00, including initial setup.  This price includes, but is not limited to, physical installation, user account creation, printers, applications, and network connections. 


Special projects hardware and equipment pricing will be provided as a special project quote that will also include labor related to the project. 

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